How to make a sphere trace follow a line trace and hit everything in its path, not just the first thing

I am using a line trace system to shoot in my game and I am trying to use a sphere trace basically on top of every bullet as a ‘danger zone’.
The idea for my sphere trace is so my AI will know when they are being shot at even if you miss.

The problem is that the moment the edge of the sphere trace hits an object it no longer triggers any collisions, so even though the bullet keeps going the danger zone stops. (See the picture below)

The bullet line trace is the red line which turns green at the point it hit the tree, the sphere trace should follow it until that point. Instead the sphere trace is the hard to see blue lines, but it’s hit spot was almost immediately when it bumped that first tree.

How can I make the sphere hit EVERYTHING in the way until the bullet line trace hits something?

Yup, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks dude