How to make a spawn where

Screenshot_5.jpgHello. I want to make that every 5 seconds a ball appears to a certain place and fall. But I do not know how to make this
somebody here can help me? (Its Urgent)

Check the first part of this (9 min) youtube tutorial:


  • The F key trigger by a Timer
  • The table mesh by a ball mesh

And that’s it.

Create a new Actor Blueprint and call it BPBall. Add a static mesh component with the ball mesh. Make sure you check “Simulate Physics” and it has “Gravity Enabled”

Create a new Actor Blueprint and call it BPBallSpawner
Add a sphere collision
On Event Begin Play start a timer that loops every 5 seconds.
The timer will spawn an actor of class ‘BPBall’ using the sphere collision’s location.

That should get you on the right track.

Hope this helps!