How to make a solar system with planets that you can land on?

or multiply solar systems with planets to land on. I am new to all of this?

Ohhh, that is very simple!

Just read all of Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation and you will see, that’s very-very simple!

Hi Cshay8907,

I created this fairly easy… (not the landing part): - YouTube

What I did was purchase a couple of market place assets… the sun and the planets. I also used a program called SpaceScape: Spacescape – Alex Peterson which created the stars. Do take a look at that… Its AMAZING!

The sun has a sphere inside that I am rotating and then the planet is a child of that sphere…and…so, when the sphere inside the sun moves, so do the planet.

I would suggest reviewing the YOUTUBE tutorials from Unreal Engine. It will greatly help you get started.

Hope this helps… Thanks!


is this supposed to be a rude joke?

No, it’s just good advice.

I would suggest to rather start with a more simplistic game just to learn the basics before you jump in a large project.
The things you’ll learn on the road would otherwise mean that you either don’t understand what you’re doing and/or will have to redo a majority of your game development.

The basic knowledge of the know-how and why-so are extremely important.