How to make a Smooth Multi-Item / Animation First-Person Aim Offset?

Hello, I have looked everywhere but no matter what video I press on, its always the SAME thing, “how to aim offset a weapon” … and yes that’s a useful thing to know but there is NO video on how to Switch between item’s or how to change the animation when you are running or in idle, and MAINLY for FIRST PERSON.

What I am trying to Achieve.

  1. Be able to look down and up while holding an item. [ So the camera always sees your hands.

  2. Switch between Item’s and Walk/idle/Run/crouch animations. [ When walking and not holding anything I want it to just move the arms slightly, but if holding a item I want to hold that item in the hand while walking and when I look up and down it stays cantered.

I am trying to achieve the RESIDENT EVIL LOOK [ re7 - re8 ]

Any help on how to make this Possible would be Incredibly appreciated,
also I am using METAHUMAN which have Control Rig.