How to make a skeletal mesh work with a new skeleton?

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So I’ve got the “prototype characters” content pack and I want to replace the third person template’s blue guy with the prototype characters. Now they’ve been setup using the same skeleton, although its not CALLED the same thing. Only I can’t find a way to associate one with the other. Persona doesn’t help here.

So my question is:

How does one associate a skeletal mesh with a skeleton? Is there a way to modify it? given that the skeleton that was imported with the skeletal mesh is exactly the same as the default one for the Epic blue guy. Also, while we’re at it, similarly for animations themselves, they don’t seem to want to apply to different skeleton names either, even though they are literally the same skeleton.

So I’ve got THREE skeletons, which are all really the exact same one, the basic Epic skeleton, the one from the Animation set (Animation rifle set pro) and the one from the skeletal mesh (Prototype characters). I cannot seem to find a way to make them all work together, which is strange given this is meant to be the reason why Epic requires the basic skeleton be used anyway.

Any ideas?


This page Animation Retargeting (Different Skeletons) | Unreal Engine Documentation gives detailed instructions on how to do retargeting.

Thanks for the link, but in this case the skeleton is THE SAME so why would it need retargetting? All I want is for the engine to understand that the same skeleton with a different name is the same skeleton. Its just been imported in a few different packages under different names.

Wanted to point out that I found out how to do a bit of this by looking back over a past twitch support stream on animation. There’s a retarget option on the animation blueprint (right click). Now I just need to find how to do the same for the animations themselves.

What you also can do is save the animation out as fbx and then importing them back and choose your own skeletal mesh as target. If they share the same skeleton, it works fine.

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Seems a bit cumbersome to have to do that for every animation. Given there are hundreds of em.