How to make a skeletal mesh follow the animation of another?

So, basically, I need a skeletal mesh to follow the exact same animations as another one with the same mesh/skeleton/everything. The second one is used as an auxiliary mesh for rendering effects only, and it seems like a waste to have two (arbitrarily complex) animation blueprints running and risk having them fall out of sync (not to mention having to code everything twice). I seem to remember this being possible in UDK, but I don’t know if/how it’s possible in UE4 (preferably without having to modify the engine source, that is).

Set Master Pose Component is the blueprint node you want to use “Mesh” is the main body mesh for my pawn, and “wearable component BP” is the mesh I want to follow the main mesh.


Yeah, I found the answer some time ago, but by that point I’d forgotten I ever posted this question. Thanks for the answer though XD

I have searched all over for a way to do it, this post comes the closest to what I am asking for.
I have 2 assets from Maya :
primitive cube with animation (parent object)
ring with no animation (slave object)

I want to have the child follow (Xyz, rotate, scale) of the parent object.
So far I can’t get the slave to follow the parent “while the parent is running its animation”.

I’ve tried the physics constraint component, and the “set master pose component” node in Blueprint mode, but still the slave only follows the parent when i manually move the cube.

How can get the slave mesh to follow the parent mesh while the parent mesh is running its animation?? thanks in advance