how to make a simple camera orbiting an actor?


I want to create a simple scene with one actor (a sphere let’s say) and a camera that can orbit it, pan the viewport and zoom in and out with the wheel.

I was using the unreal studio product viewer template, but it has too much complexity for me, I wanted to eliminate the smoothness and movement inertia and stuff, to have raw mouse input to control the camera, but I wasn’t able to do it with that ammount of code, so I’m starting simple from scratch

could someone point directions to me?


You can start from this (orbit and zoom) and add control input you want to modify Spring Arm’s target offset (panning)

hey, thanks

but how do I get to control the camera with this? I’ve pasted this into a pawn blueprint, declared the variables and added a camera to it, but not sure on how to procceed.

I just need to know where to go from there, could you help me out?