How to Make a scroll View in material(any direction scroll)

I want to make a scroll view to scroll 5 pictures.

the view can scroll up and down and right and left

you want to use a dynamic materiel instance and set up some perimeters to add or subtract from the U and V of your texture coordinates.

using this method you can move the image in any direction you like based on a blueprint or C++ you will need to potentially combine all of your 5 pictures. i hope that helps. :slight_smile:

how can I show the pictures one by one on a cube’s surface?

You could make the texture node a parameter and change its value to the different textures with a blueprint.

Thank u for your answer. I tried it before But it just can scroll 4 pictures around 4 surfaces on the cube how can I do if I want to show more than 4 pictures

I think I’d need to know more specifics about what you have set up. Sorry I’m not really understanding.