How to make a scoring system in blueprints?

I’m making a plane game in which I want the plane’s score to increase ashe shoots targets. They explode when hit, and I want the score to increase by 50 each time the target is hit by a bullet. How do I do that in blueprints?

Hello DrakeSkorn,

Do you already have a score variable to store the total score? If so, you’ll need to first get a reference to that. If it is stored in your Character, Pawn, or Player Controller BP, you should be able to get it by using “Get Player Character/Pawn/Controller” respectively and then using a “Get Score” node.

After that, you can also make a “Set Score” node and put that in just before Destroy Actor for when the enemies are shot. You can then add your existing “Score” variable (using the Get node) to another variable that represents what that enemy is worth, or just add 50 directly and plug that into the Set Score node.