How to make a Round World?

I was wondering if there is a way to make a loopable map to give the player a feel of a “round” open world, so if I go to north all the way eventually i will end up in the “south” of the map, and likewise east and west. so in another example if I go north-west, I would end up in the south-east part of the map, the idea is to make the edges of the world invicible and unreachable

Maybe with levelstream ?

I had been looking into it, but Level Streaming seem to be used to hide and unhide lvls, I dont see how could it be used fo this

If you’re asking for an infinite world (which can be flat, not necessarily round) then he’s right, you can do it with manual level streaming.
Let’s say you use world composition, your world is a grid divided in tiled levels. When you walk from south to north and reach the top tile line, you add a trigger volume and your blueprint use it to load the bottom tile line. The only difficulty is to make a seamless landscape, you have to draw a seamless heightmap and divided it in tiles.

If you want to make a world visualy rounded (like a little planet), you have to do it with shader