How to make a rolling ball type character?

Forgive me I’m quite a noob when it comes to using UE4 but I’m just wondering how would I go about creating my own rolling ball type character using the rolling ball template? I want to use the same player controller and blueprint script that the rolling ball template already has except I just need to replace the default ball mesh with my own custom mesh which is a severed head so basically you would be playing as the severed head rolling around the level. Sounds easy enough but after replacing the mesh with my own custom one it won’t roll around or even move like the default mesh would so please can someone tell me where I’m going wrong? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey i’m a noob working on a rolling game too! i don’t know why it won’t work by replacing the mesh, but you can try to do this:
1-open the PhysicsBallBP
2-Open a “search content” window and search your head model
3-select it and drag it to the components window
4-make the original sphere realy tiny and hide it into the head
That should work good