How to make a ring around a sphere?

I’m working on a solar sytem model project. I want to make a ring around saturn’s sphere but I’m not sure how to make it . I tried to make a sphere and scale it to 0.01 on its z axis , however I don’t know how to make a hole inside of it . your help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

You make the ring in the editor using two cylinders from the geometry section:


Drag 1 in and change sides to 20:

ALT-drag it to make a copy, make the copy a bit taller, but thinner:

Then change it’s brush type from ‘additive’ to ‘subtractive’:

Select them both ( you have to do that in the world outliner ), and pop open the brush settings section of the details panel:


Click ‘create static mesh’ ( it will ask where to save ), then you can squash it down:



Thank you so muck :slight_smile: