How to make a realistic planet earth and player interact with the environment

Hey I’m new to all this can someone tell me how to make a realistic earth and how the player interact with the environment step by step for example:

  1. Inner core

  2. Gravity system: where the player can keep their balance while traveling around the globe

  3. Dirt: where the player can dig all the way to the inner core or blow up the dirt

  4. Grass: where the player can interact with grass like in real life

  5. Trees: where the player can cut down, climb up top of them, or burn the tree

  6. Mountains: where the player can climb up or blow up parts of the mountain

  7. Rocks: where the player can pickup or throw a rock

  8. Water/Ocean: where the player can swim, drink, get wet, or drown “I want to find the water fluid system”

  9. Weather: Have random weather change in certain parts on earth

  10. Day/Night times: where parts of the world change from day to night

  11. health/damage: What the player health and how much damage he/she is taking

  12. How to restore all damages done on earth

That all I need to know bros >:)

We can’t really explain this step by step, as you are asking how to do something that teams of 20+ people usually work on.

I suggest that you study procedural meshes in UE4, and the backend of how landscapes are handled. You can however, find individual guides for things like Day/Night cycles/health, etc.

You’re looking at few years of R&D for solution that will require a small computer cluster to run it, and you’ll need custom engine for that.

AFAIK, there are NO games on the market right now that offer anything similar in terms of scale/size.

One way to go about it is some custom based voxel tech that is geared towards planets (higher level detail near surface, no detail or very low level of detail below crust, but memory requirements will be insane.

It is definitely possible to easily explain this step by step, but there’s no point, since the dude has no resources to actually make this thing.

In detail:


Apply gravity force (directed towards center of the planet) for every object. See Newton’s laws.

Write custom voxel-based solution.

Same as in usual game. Close to player spawn physic-driven objects, far away from player replace them with placeholders. See TwoWorlds II for example.

Same as in usual game with throwable object.

Being wet is matter of changing material parameters.
For water currents, google “GDGPU fluid sim” which will lead you towards papers and experimental tecihniques used for water simulation.

Dig up bunch of meteorology papers, build up a 2d-layer model which simulates humidity/temperature/wind changes over surface, based on the data spawn particle systems an dlighting effects in regions where predicted weather pattern takes place.

Day and night is matter of being in sun’s shadow + light scattering added to it. Research lighting models and light scattering. There’s bound to be some SIGGRAPH papers on the subject.

Same as in usual game.

Generate the planet by deterministic algorithm based on random seed. To undo damage, re-generate specified region only using the same seed.

Start with 10! Google