how to make a “real time” section in ue4

Hi~I want to know how to make a “real time” section in in sketchup .Ths!

What is a real time section?

I can do it.


:)like this

Ths~~that’s good!How to do that?But the section seems can’t change.

It is necessary to make each floor a separate object.

Ths~~but I want to make a real time cross section.I found a way.It’s add the transparent mask with position to every material.This is the link [Tutorial] Simple Cross Section Material - Epic Games Forums
is it ok?or is there a better way?

I’d also like to know how to create live clipping planes in UE4. There was an interesting thread here on masking the water surface for a diving game. Maybe that technique could be used to hide a section of a building? Hopefully there’s an easier way.

:)thank you Scott.The two approach seems to be similar。It’s make a dynamic opacity mask.