How to make a ragdoll death?

(Sorry for my bad english but I am German) How do I make that a Character is ragdolling when he is hit by a projectile? I made a few tryings but none of them works can you give me any tips?

Hello Kay,

If your character is using a skeletal mesh, the easiest way would be to set the mesh itself to simulate physics. It should collapse like a ragdoll.

I tried it. Its not working

What happens when you try simulating physics on the skeletal mesh? Does your skeletal mesh have a physics asset set?

Couple of things I did that got it working. Set your character collision type I think it is to ragdoll instead of character/actor. In your projectile BP you want a hit event drop off that to break results. Drag of actor hit and cast to your character blueprint and set simulate physics. Make sure you have a physics asset of your skeletal mesh… Right click on yourbskeleton and click create physics asset


Hello Kay,

We haven’t heard from you in a while. Have you succeeded in making the character ragdoll as you want it to? If not, have you had a chance to try Scottc91’s suggestion? In the meantime, I’ll be marking this as resolved for tracking purposes.

Hallo, das ist ein link zu ein tutorial. Ich hoffe est hilft dier.

speak english danke.

I’m using a wheel as my character and want it to have regualar physics to apply on death, i.e. have it tip over and bounce a few feet. How can I do this to the wheel?