How to make a puzzle where items need to be arranged in a certain way and attached to a specific surface or item using blueprints?


I am completely new to unreal and visual scripting. I do not have any programming background but studied 3d modeling for game development. I have started learning how to use unreal and create some basic mechanics using blueprints for my college project.

I am trying to create a puzzle similar to the chess puzzle in Resident Evil 2 where the player picks up chess pieces, stores them in the inventory, and has to insert them in the correct spot.

I have managed to create an inventory system however, I do not know how to create the puzzle itself. I have tried to search on youtube however I cannot find a tutorial that explains this.

Could you please direct me to where I should start in order to create this? Ideas and concepts would be much appreciated!

Thank you

So make those junction box things a blueprint, ie they are all copies of the same blueprint. Give the BP a variable ‘chess piece’.

Then, either from the level BP or a ‘manager actor’ you can set the variables on the junction boxes to a random combination.

If the piece the player tries to locate is the same as the variable on the junction box, they are allowed to place it.

( or you can compare them after they pull a large switch etc… )

Thank you for your reply.

I have been working on the puzzle and managed to get it working by creating a BP for three empty slots in which the chess pieces are needed to be inserted. I added a box collision on each slot so that the chess piece can spawn in the location if the player has the right chess piece. And when the puzzle is solved, a box should open. It worked one or two times allowing me to insert the three pieces and opening the box then it stopped working properly by not allowing me to insert the remaining two pieces. I honestly don’t know what’s causing this.

alt text