How to make a proper sky mesh

Ive tried everything I can find, I just cant figure out how to make a mesh render in the sky behind everything including things like the sun disk and atmospheric fog… Shouldn’t a simple feature like this be possible in this engine…?

Also, isnt it possible to tell a mesh to not do any kind of culling? bTreatAsBackgroundForOcclusion, doesnt seem to work. I have it activated but my dome still disappears when I look away. My placement method is over the vertex offset…

I might not be understanding exactly what you’re asking, but it sounds like you just want a regular old sky sphere. Most of the example projects have something called “BP_Sky_Sphere,” which seems like what you want. It has sky, sun, clouds, and stars and changes appearance based on time of day.

As for making it render behind everything else, the example projects just make the sphere very large. I believe it’s about 16km in size in the examples. I’m not sure how large you can actually make it before UE starts to have problems with the coordinates.

However, if you’re asking for a way to make the sphere always appear “behind” other objects, even when it’s physically located in front of them, I don’t know, but that’s something I’d like to know, as well. I have a large sky sphere with stars for a space game, but it’s only about 16km in size. I’d like to have a planet floating out there in space, thousands of km in the distance, and have the sky sphere not occlude it.

Also, isnt it possible to tell a mesh to not do any kind of culling?

Yes, just make the material two-sided.

Edit: I just realized this question is two years old, sorry. Well, hopefully someone will answer with more info on the sky sphere occlusion question.