How to make a projectile bounce OR collide depending impact angle?

Hello there,

I’am quite new to Ue4 and still learning.
I am making a Paintball FPS game.
I thus would like my projectile (paintballs) to “hit” the bunkers (inflatable bunkers, like cylinders), or to bounce if the impact angle is too open.

After hours searching for some tips, I struggle to find a way to realise that.

Here is a video of another game I found on youtube that does the exact same thing (rockets explose or bounce and then explose).

Any help or guidance would be super appreciated.

Thanks a lot

Hi Sn4tch,

have you enabled “should bounce”?

Hi , Thanks for your answer.

Yes I have activated it.
But as it is now, the projectile hit a mesh and bounce back on the floor, or, depending the angle, bounce further away.

What I need now :

  • If projectile hit the bunker mesh with a close angle, projectile should “break” and leave paint mark, or if velocity is too low (far distance) bounce a bit and drop on the floor.
  • If the projectile hit the bunker mesh with a open angle, projectile should bounce (like it actually does) and then break when it it’s another mesh/wall or floor depending velocity (if velocity is too low it shouldjus stay on the floor.

Not sure i’am 100% clear

Hello ,

Thanks for the link. I need to take time to get into it a bit deeper but it indeed looks like a begining of solution.
Agai thanks a lot for taking the time to make some researchs for me.

Well, that sounds like a complex requirement.

Here is something I came across, maybe this works for your, scroll down to the solution marked as answer:

To get the speed of hit, you could try to use OnProjectileBounce:

Hi Sn4tch,

that’s what the community is here for :slight_smile:

Post your solution when you have found one so that others can benefit too!