How to make a progress bar fill from centre, mine is scaling from centre.

I have a custom progress bar, and have selected “fill from centre”, but instead of filling, it’s stretching or scaling. The other options fill like they should, but in the attached screenshot you can see that my bar is just scaling towards the centre, over the outline. Drawing it as a box, border or image all do the same thing. All the other bar fill types “wipe” as you would expect, it’s just fill from centre that does this.

I’m having the same problem have you tried working around it for now by splitting your image in half. Having two progress bars and filling from right on one and left on the other?

What you want to make is to fill it from right to left but with fancy form?

I’d like an answer to this too actually, I’m making a heath bar at the minute and I just wanted it to wipe from the center to fill the bounds. Currently I need to bars wiping different directions which just seems hacky. :confused:

how did you setup the slide bar?