How to make a "portal distortion" effect?

Hello all!

I want to make a distortion effect dynamically during gameplay, when I enter to a trigger, as when you enter into a minecraft portal and the view starts moving and distortionate

From your question seems that you already know how to teleport with portals, so i’ll try to answer how to do the distortion, since i don’t know much about materials.
Add a post process component to your portal blueprint. To make sure that you view the effect, put a delay to teleport the actor(Else you’ll instantly teleport and won’t see the effect.)
On the post process go to rendering features , add an element to the array , choose asset reference and put the distortion material there.
Since i’m no expert on this material stuff, i can’t help you much more now.
However, i saw a “Underwater Effects” tutorial series that taught how to create several underwater effects, one of them is a distorion like the minecraft portal. is the tutorial series, is the part 1/4. I can’t tell what part have the distorion effect but you should watch everything. This should give you the basics on what you want.

After you watch the series, if you have any doubt , you should start a thread on the rendering section. They should help you more with the effect there.