How to make a physics object not lose velocity and change direction on impact?

Hey Guys,

I have been trying to make some balls in a box bounce and collide without losing velocity. When I use projectile movement the ball behavior is correct except that it loses velocity after each collision. I tried using physics thruster and add force but both solutions don’t react properly when they collide with the walls of the box. Is there any way to have the same behavior as the Projectile movement without losing velocity on impact. I set bounce to 1 and gravity and damping to zero on my original projectile movement test.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ok, I have it mostly working. Now my issue is that the spheres often get “hung up” and follow the sides of my collision box closely “riding the rail” so to speak. I would prefer they don’t do this. I’ve attached a screen shot of the collision box setup (the level) and the blueprint I am using to get the behavior. If someone could look over it and let me know if I missed something, it would be much appreciated.

Ok,so the only thing I was missing was that i was using a sphere collision, when i changed the collision to a box it worked fine.