How to make a physics and post-process volume move at runtime?


I am trying to make “volumes of liquid” which float in the air and are able to move around.
Making a blueprint class for this does not seem simple, as you cannot just add a physics volume as a component to a blueprint class. Also, the post-process component behaves differently in a blueprint class in contrast to simply just being added to the world.

From scanning through some related posts, it appears that there might be some roundabout way to solve both of these issues, but I haven’t been able to get it working myself yet. Aside from these issues, is there a way to make my “volume of liquid” move around using blueprint scripting, and retain its physics and post-processing properties?

I am wondering if there is a simpler solution, such as just manually adding every physics and post-processing volume in the world instead of using a blueprint class? If I tried this simpler route, would there somehow be a way for me to make these volumes move around using blueprints?

You can enable and disable “unbound” property in different PostProcess via custom triggers that placed in dynamic actors you want. I’m not sure about PhysicsVolume, but you can make something similar with shaders.