How to make a pawn to move up/down left/right

Hello guys i wanted to know if any of you could point me to the right direction here
i want to make a blueprint for my project that makes the character or object i will be playing with move up or down and left to right and also back and foward
like a side scroller is what I’m looking for
it would be really appreciated thanks in advance

Wow no one… im looking for similar thing… after setting camera above the sprite…

basic movement i used

WASD : i set bools to state which way it was going (LMovemnt, RMovement, UpMovmement, DownMovement)

Getting the function “W” gives you pressed released… i set these booleans in this case UPMovement to true on pressed or False on release…

then Setting the Flip book after the branch for UpMovement Boolean … true gives walkingFlipbookUp, false gives idleFlipbookUp…

this works perfectly except if you press more then on key… then it lags on what booleans being pressed or not

Hope this helps somewhat

You’ve necroed a thread of a user that has been inactive for 2 years; must’ve completed his MMO and left. Don’t expect a thank you, ;p