How to make a Notebook System using blueprints?

Hello Dears,
So I’m working on a game and I want to make a notebook where the player can write text, a few lines, save it and load it later for review and rewrite. is this possible with blueprints? if not how can I do it?
I’d be very thankful for any help I can get.

Yes it is possible.

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sure it is possible. i’ve done exactly this. It is straightforward.

you can do it with a 3d model or a widget. Use a multi line editable text. Save the text to disk and load it later. I just use a button to turn pages.

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How can I save and load the text to disk?

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Saving & Loading Pt.1 Basics - YouTube

Ryan can teach you.

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ok so everything works well, I just dont know how to show the text inside the multi line editable text instead of printing it in string, could you please help me out with this one?

I appreciate your support so much

I was able to do it with a SetText (Multi-Line Text Box) node.
Thanks a tone for the help again, much appreciation!

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