How to make a networked menu?

How can I make a menu like in the multiplayer shootout example with UMG(Create room, join room, wait for the room host to start the game, etc…)?

For the things the Shootout Example did, you will just want to check the Shootout example.
:smiley: It would be a total time waste to write down what is already done there.

The part with the Room is a bit harder. If it’s a lobby, then you might want to create a
second level with only the UMG Lobby and when everyone is joined you can call “ServerTravel”
on the Server Side.

If it is more like waiting for other players, you could make a variable MaxPlayers in your GameLevel
and use the “Post Login Event” of the GameMode or the PlayerArray of the GameState to count the
number of players and once you reach the desired number, you start the game.

For the Lobby part, you could check out my Marketplace project. It has a complete Lobby setup and
much more (like chat etc). Or you check out the Generic Shooter, which is better suited for starting
with shooters (my pack is a general learning resource).

I am going to check it out.

I want the user who created the room to start the game when he clicks a start button with a limitation of 2 users in the room.

I have exactly 0$ so I can’t get neither the Lobby project nor the Generic Shooter project (Generally because I am 14).