How to make a mesh move only on the server?

I am trying to make a ball roll on the client and then take that same input and make the server’s version of the ball roll in the same way. The idea is to have a physics simulation running on the client and on the server. The problem is that when I run the below code, the client’s ball moves as you would expect but then the server moves the same ball on the client. For example, if I have 200ms of network delay and move up, the ball on the client moves up, then 200ms later it moves up again when the server gets the input info. I thought that since I have to tell the server about everything the client is doing, the same would apply in reverse and yet the server seems to be automatically moving the mesh on the client. Do I perhaps need to spawn a seperate version of the object on the server and client? This is part of an effort to add multiplayer to the rolling ball example btw.