How to Make a Mesh invisible when characters walks near/behind it

Hello guys, just started using unreal engine.

I want to make those trees invisible just when i walk behind them, and show them again when im out of their range of colision.

I researched a lot but didn’t discovered a practical way to do it. Can you guys give me some advice on how’to?

Ty !!

So I don’t fully understand your question but here are two answers:
-you want to make the trees disappear when you “don’t see” them, well the engine handles that alone
-you want to make the tree disappear when thy are in front of you/near, well it is rather simple,
set up a trigger volume,
open your level blueprint,
Call the event “OnBeginOverlap” of the volume,
create a reference of your meshes in your level blueprint,
create a node “set visibility” for the meshes,
connect it to the Event,
set the visibility you want -> when your character will walk in the volume they will disappear.
Make the same for “OnEndOverlap” but set the visibility to visible and here you are!

Hello! Thank you for the answer!

I managed to do it. I used the trigger box, but not in the trees.

I created a trigger box inside the character blueprint (image), so i didn’t have to create one colision box for every tree, and added the following blueprint (image2).

I don’t know if it is the best way to accomplish this, but it worked for me!

No no no just put a trigger box in your level and then follow the steps I gave you.
If you find it blurry or if you really do not see what I told you to do, then look at some tutorials about blueprints on yt, trust me it will help you


I think it is translucent better than invisible.