how to make a menu

I created a fps shooter game and i want to make ui for my game (main menu) . I know i will create using widget blueprint hud’s but i have an issue . I created a hud for my character it display’s health , ammo, minimap , etc.
and give access to FirstPersonCharacter blueprint in event begin play node but whenever i create a main menu hud and give access to the level blueprint class . Now the problem is that whenever i play it. It shows both hud’s at the same time. So how can i display the menu hud first and when i play the game using a button to load a level and then it will display the second hud . Thanks in Advance

You can load a new level by adding an OpenLevel node and putting in the name of the level. And then just spawn the widget from the levels levelblueprint.

Tip: The node Remove from parent is used to remove a widget.

Wow,get a new way to add menu.


I Found the best way to create menus in ue4 . go to ue4 online learning and search for "Your First hour With UMG " Epic Developer Community . I SOLVED MY PROBLEM!

Nice work.