How to make a low poly landscape using the landscape editor?

How can I make a low poly landscape using the landscape editor tool in UE4? I’ve tried using various brush settings like clay brush and setting the falloff to 0 however when I do this it appears low poly when I’m close but when I begin to step back to landscape seems to shift until I’m about 100m back and its smooth looking. I plan on making a low poly, open world game which would require me to view landscapes from far away and still keep the low poly affect. Please help I really don’t know what I’m doing right now and I’ve checked multiple forums but none of them seem to help.

If you want the low poly look on the landscape, you also need to change the landscape shading to flat. Here’s example on how you can do it (you just need the normal input from this):

Other than that, if you get too smooth shapes, just reduce the landscape resolution in general so you have more coarse grid. That way you can’t even make smooth shapes.

I’ve tried and this and it works amazing however the surface of whatever object or landscape I apply it to becomes extremely reflective. Is there any way to fix this as I will use this mostly for landscaping and as nice as bright shiny grass is, it is not what I need.

Might be missing something, but simply lowering the Specular property of shader helped with that, as it governs the “reflectivity” of material