How to make a lot of animal instances in Unreal

I want to make animals in the wild that has simple AI like rabbits,snakes in WoW that can move around certain area and might flee when seeing people. I don’t think each individual animal is put as a blueprint. That would be to many for a level that might have performance issue. I’m thinking about instance but somehow skeletal mesh can not have instance. So what’s the right way to make this kind of feature(a lot of animals or zombies,etc).

Blueprint is the way. The BP has a mesh, which is your skeletal mesh.

When you put ( or spawn ) the blueprints in the level, they are already instances, you can’t avoid that.

If you want to have ridiculous numbers of them, that will be a problem. Then you have to start thinking in a more clever way. A couple of solutions might be:

  1. Make your BP VERY simple.

  2. Make your BP just a container for a sprite animation, not an actual skeletal mesh.

Sprite animations can be extremely convincing if done carefully.

I think sprite animation might be the solution. I saw a video in Youtube that made in such way. Thank you so much