How to make a looping BGM with an intro (and also have an audio visualizer)

I know it sounds trivial, but it’s surprisingly hard to find a tutorial that explains how to do something simple like this with the new audio engine.
As the title says, I don’t want any fancy interactive music, but just a normal BGM track that loops and has an intro which plays once before the first loop.
Well, I guess it’s a bit fancy in that I also want a little audio visualizer as part of the HUD for which up until now I’ve been using Calculate Frequency Spectrum.
I’ve tried using a normal sound cue which concatenates the Intro and the Loop wave, with the Loop wave being set to loop, but A) this has a small pause between the Intro and the Loop and B) Calculate Frequency Spectrum doesn’t accept a sound cues, only sound waves.
Is there some functionality in the new audio engine that can easily achieve this? Because from what I’ve seen, having to learn TimeSynth seems a bit overkill for one single concatenation.


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Check this thread out for audio visualizer work @ArthurBarthur is doing. Very good stuff here.

I know this is late but UE5 didn’t come out yet. I was able to get this to almost work with UE4.26 but it wasn’t perfect. Sometimes you would still hear a glitch and I was using Quartz, preloading the second loopable file, etc… it was ugly… But with UE 5, it’s so simple with MetaSounds.

You first need to know the time when your loop begins and where your loop ends.
Enter the time the loop begins in the “Loop Start” input.
Enter the value of your [loop end time] - [loop start time] in the “Loop Duration” input.

The output on the MetaSounds defaults to Mono. If you need stereo, click on the MetaSound settings and change the “Output Format…” from Mono to Stero. This will give you the Left Audio and Right Audio Output.

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