How to make a Long Skirt simulation without the leg going through it?

Help please

There is really few things that can help me with that.

I’m trying to make a skirt simulation using any nodes setup such as AnimDynamics, KawaiiPhysics or RigidBody but i’m having a really hard time trying to set it right. Everything that i try to create tends to break the skirt and the leg starts just going through it

Every configuration i try to use just get this or stuck rigid looking, far from what it should have for this kind of simple stuff. This isn’t rocket science, it shouldn’t be that difficult to setup.

At this point, i would take everything that can make this skirt work properly. So far i tried standalone Nvida Apex, Maya Apex, UE4 Apex, Kawaii Physics, AnimDynamics, RigidBody, Constraint/limit nodes …] This isn’t a overcomplex skirt, idk why i’m having that hard time to just get it right

Didn’t managed to get Apex working on the skirt mainly because it has thickness. Some nasty clipping inside itself happens and idk really how to get over that. (No luck with BackstopDistance/Radius Layer)

Does anyone got some spare time to help me with that? My brain is half dead alredy, i’m over 2 months trying to fix that.

1st pic is the model, 2nd the main issue, 3rd the bone structure of the skirt.