How to make a login system?

There are no official cases and tutorials to learn about the login system of the proprietary server. I read some related tutorials made by others while groping for them. When I made them myself, some problems could not be solved. I hope to get answers.

Mainly when the client starts, does it need to connect Open IP to the server first, thus creating a player controller on the server, and calling UI to enter account password in a Login map and jumping to play in the game map?

At present, I want players to input account password and click login, then open IP, and then transfer account password data. But in this case, because I just use the debugging function and turn off the automatic connection to the server manually, the client does not connect to the server, and then thinks that it is the server, and the client also creates gamemod. The “switch to game scene if login succeeds” function I made in gamemod is executed locally by the client, so the client skips the login map. The decision made by isserver and hasauthority will be judged as the server itself when the client is not connected to the server.

Is it necessary to compile client programs and server programs to solve this problem?

If the client connects to the server when it starts, will the server have many more player controllers that “start the game but don’t log in”? How does this affect server performance and security? For example, if these player controllers are not logged in, will they get information that they should not? For example, information about other player controllers in the login map?

Also, how to instantiate the level class? For example, every player in the login map has an object, and they don’t directly affect each other?

As for the types of regular MMORPG of the proprietary server, I hope the official can provide some tutorials.

There are many data handling solutions, some offer a client/server login environment, usually includes a plugin and then you need to use the plugin blueprint node to establish and authenticate a server connection. An example how Gamespark is using it can be seen here…ntication.html Notice that Gamespark service has changed, but the tutorial at that website should offer you an idea on how to create a login. If you want to do this with another provider, ie. EPIC Online Service, Gamelift etc, then you need to look at those plugins, SDK documentation etc.