How to make a light to blink when you press a button?

Hi everybody , I want to make blinkers for my car when I press a button . I know how to make the light blink when starts from event tick ,but I don’t know how make from a button . ( sorry for my english ) .I’m a bigginer and in these pictures show you what I tried.

You probably don’t want to make a timeline just for that.

Something like this should work.

Do note, you can’t connect multiple items to a node that only takes 1. It may look like your wires are connected, but they aren’t really. Use a make array node, and a for each loop, like I did here.

Continue to lights when I press again button . I want to turn off when I press button second time .

The you KorkuVeren .For others who will have this problem : Solve.PNG

If you’re going to just use the toggle visibility node, you don’t need the flip flop!

Glad it works for you!

Hi Alexx, I saw you sent me a PM. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you in time, but I’m happy you’ve found a solution :slight_smile:


cel mai simplu nu ai nevoie de 100 bp’s , vezi sa bifezi loop in timeline , adaugi un float track cu 2 points , primul time 0 value 5000 sau cat vrei tu si al doilea time 0.5 value 0 si la length sus pui 1