How to make a level trailer

I’m trying to make a demo a my level to use as a trailer. Essentially it’s a fly-through with matinee. When playing everything looks great. When I click make a movie with matinee however everything looks really bad. I’ve tested this with Unreal’s demo’s too and get the same results.

My machine is fairly powerful and having a look at other peoples work they seem to be able to produce good quality videos with ease. For example Koola with his ArchViz/Lighting demo had a smooth walkthrough on a machine much less powerful.

The first image is a screenshot taken from the matinee rig while set to play at game start. The second is from the Matinee make a movie button. The make a movie one improves in quality as the sequence progresses but still isn’t perfect and is always jittery.

Hi James,

You’ll need to go into Matinee where you’ll record the movie. When you click the “Movie” icon next to the record button you’ll get a list of options to change the capture resolution, FPS, and whether you want it as an image sequence you can turn into a video in a program like Adobe Premier or you can render out an AVI.


This should get you the settings you need to create your nice rendering! :slight_smile:

If you have any questions feel free to ask!


I know how to create the movie sequence from Matinee. That’s what the screenshots are from. The problem is the generated sequence isn’t the same quality as if you were to play, even when set to full quality. For example in the second shot none of the textures are rendered right. That continues for the first few seconds then everything renders right but the lighting is slightly over-exposed. Also I have made sure the Matinee camera’s have the correct exposure settings, and they are the same as the game camera.

In those settings enable Disable Texture Streaming option, that should get rid of the texture issue. I’m not sure what’s up with exposure though.

Oh wait! Are you seeing this difference while recording or is it messed up in the recorded output as well? If it is while recording then you can ignore that completely; the end result should be recorded normally as you see in the editor.

@Jacky it’s really weird because the exposure issues go away if I render out as a series of bmp images (haven’t tried jpeg or png). Rendered as images also bypasses the issue since you can just delete the first handful that are mis-rendered. Still interested why it’s happening, I’ll give Disable Texture Streaming a go.

@Jacky, the effect is obviously amplified while recording as it’s still processing but is there in the file output as well.

Try disabling the auto-expose both from the viewport and in-game via a post-process volume

Has anyone found a solution for this? Disabling auto-expose both from the viewport and in-game via a post-process volume doesn’t seem to affect the output from Matinee.

Verifying that outputting BMP does give you a WYSIWYG result!