How to make a Jump Anticipation?

Hi everybody!
i followed the third person blueprint game tutorial series. its fantastic, but there is something i want to achieve but dont know how. I would like the jump to be delayed until the anticipation is completed.
i know this has been asked bevore, but the answer provided by Lina is to abstract for me to follow along:

*“The basic idea is that you’d like to override jump behavior here. To do that, when key is entered, you’d like to re-bind parent jump to your jump, and in your jump, you’ll play animation instead of doing jump. Once animation is played (via notify), you’ll trigger real jump. (Character.Jump)
The tricky part here is to override key action. For next release, we have a way to override parent binding (bOverrideParentBinding), and once you do you can override jump to your action, but right now you’ll have to override INI file key binding. Please check DefaultInput.INI/BaseInput.INI.”

Could somebody please explain in detail how to achieve the desired behaviour!
Thanks alot in advance for any help!

Hi Everybody!

funny, after typing down the question i found a solution :slight_smile:
it was quite simple: i just created a bool variable called “gettingJumpPrepared” in my character BP.
so when i press the spacebar this value gets set to true. after that, a delay(which represents the anticipation time) starts. after the delay the normal jump function/command gets executed.
in the animation blueprint i use a cast to my character blueprint and get the “gettingJumpPrepared” variable.
If the variable is set to true the jump animation starts.

Best regards

Although this is a work around, but there’s a small issue with the “Is Falling” pure engine function, that you will need to check if it’s false to enter transition from your jump start or falling animation to the jump landed animation … if you delayed the start of the original jump function but started the jump animation in the same time then during the jump animation delay, the “Is Falling” will be already false and that will make your jump start animation never happen and will transition at once to the next state :wink: try making a custom override function for jumping is better or use root motion jump animation.

could you post a picture of your fix this would be great I am having the same problem