How to make a hotbar?

Hello everyone,

After stumbling into some UE4 videos on youtube and finding out that the engine is free now, i decided to download it and give it a try.

I started a new FPS project and got to a point where i wanted to make a hotbar UI based on the ones in games like Minecraft and DayZ

(nevermind the health and exp. for now, i just want the inventory bit)

I searched a lot for tutorials on how to do it but the closest one i found was this official series:
Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) UI - Inventory Tutorial
But that isn’t really the same.

Can someone give me a link to a good tutorial on how to create what i want?

What i need:

  • When you pickup an item, it gets “stored” in the hotbar till you use or drop it
  • Use mouse wheel to change selected slot
  • Character automaticaly equips highlighted item
  • If empty slot is highlighted, character equips default weapon (example: knife or fists)
  • If you scroll up at the last slot it loops and highlights the 1st slot again
  • If you press the key “1” it highlights the 1st slot, key “2” highlights 2nd slot, etc.

Thank you

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Hi LimeCake,

Please see below:



Thank you for the fast reply,

I’ve watched those videos but they didnt help much, since the creator is making the hotbar work with mouse input (drag and drop) and i wanted to know how to make it work with keyboard numbers and mouse scroll, and unfortunatly, the tutorial is incomplete…

Do you know of more tutorials?

Or maybe if there was a sample project i could use to learn?

Take a look at this tutorial to create a basic inventory and slot menu: After that you will have to modify the blueprint so that it exactly fits to your needs -> unfortunately there are no tutorials about that around. :smiley: