How to make a hot bar for inventory

Hi everyone I have been following this tutorial series:

but am stuck on how I would make a hot bar for slots 1 - 6 could someone please help??
any help is greatly appreciate thanks in advance

anyone at all that can help please???

Hey, not trying to be rude or mean, just have some advice for you.

People on here are usually really helpful, but If nobody is answering, it might be because they are too busy to watch a whole tutorial series to figure out how to help you. I looked at that and that’s why I decided to skip over this post at first.

Can you narrow it down a bit more? Make it quick and easy to see what you need help with? Maybe some screen shots of your current code, especially the parts where you are thinking of adding the functionality, and the parts you’re basing your idea on.

Do as much as you can to reduce the workload of the persons who might help you and I bet you’ll get more help.