How to make a hole in the terrain?

I’m thinking of making a bunker that is embedded in the terrain. But for the life of me I can’t think how to do the embedding. Does the terrain allow holes? I suppose you would normally do the bunker itself and then add a cliff/hill mesh front to it and simply leave it on top of the terrain?

Any options from people who’ve done this successfully?

Use the landscape visibility tool (to cut into the landscape), other tools from the landscape (erosion, smooth,…) and the rock/cliff meshes :slight_smile:


Here is the documentation for creating a landscape hole via the material as well. :slight_smile:

And what if I dont have the Landscape menu int he Details tab?


Hope you can see the pic I never added a pic like this…

I’ ve made a tutorial on this, so if anyone new comes here wanting to learn it just watch this: