How to make a heating up spring

Hey guys i had a fun idea, But need guiding. can someone share or redirect me on how to make :

I want to make a Weapon that has a coil that heats up the longer you fire.
Basically i want to have the weapon fire but when the coil is fully heated it would mean that the gun has to “reload”

I hope im giving enough information for someone to help me.
I dont really know how much im asking but hopefully theres help out there.

Thanks guys

make a float variable called coilHeat. Every time you shoot the gun(wherever that event is in your blueprint), add a number to coilHeat and set the new value to that addition. Then add a branch that checks if coilHeat is less than 100 (or whatever number you want) and then set a new boolean variable called Overheated to true.

In event tick, use a branch to see if coilHeat is less than or equal to 0. If it is, subtract the delta seconds pin from coil heat (you can multiply deltaSeconds to make it subtract faster)

Thanks :DDDD helped alot !!