How to make a grid

Uhh this may sound redundent. But how in the world am i meant to tell the coordinates of anything in unreal.

Ive never really coded in 3d before and I see a x and y and z axis and i get what they are

What i dont get is what happened to the coordinates.

How do i create a grid from scratch so i can tell how many pixels wide and such things are.

I need to know these things for simple stuff like moving the actor and such.

Something that may be useful to you is dragging with middle mouse in an orthogonal (top, side, front) viewport. You can see the distance in units (cm by default) between two points then. Also note the ruler at the bottom left.

If you want something like a 3D transparent grid, you could try making an actor that draws such a grid around itself in the world, then make it tick in editor mode and snap it to the editor camera every tick.