How to make a grapple similar to loaders grapple in risk of rain 2

Im making a game on unreal engine 5 blueprint third person and want to make a grapple like loaders grapple in risk of rain 2 but can only find tutorials for first person and grapples that don’t let you control what direction you go while your grappling does anyone have a tutorial i can follow

Hey @anonymous_user_d45ef91b, Welcome to the forums!
I’ve found a pretty nice dual tutorial here:

But, if I had to guess based on the game, you probably just need to figure out a way to change the movement vector during the grapple based on the input axes, and make the grapple the point of rotation.
I hope this can help!
-Zen :vulcan_salute:

Thanks for the tutorial it works fantastically

@anonymous_user_d45ef91b, Glad to help!
Happy developing! :vulcan_salute:

Just adjusted a few things and noticed that it was looking choppy, Do you know of a way to change it to factor in the speed before grappling then adding that at the start of the grapple ( if that makes sense ) or just any other way to make it smoother by adding the speed / velocity of the character to the grapple force without setting the speed to zero then adding the grapple force ( which is what its doing right now )

because as of right now if you grapple onto an object it adds the force but if you grapple onto another object right after grappling it resets your speed / velocity then adds the force

Im quite new to unreal engine 5 so sorry if some parts dont make sense