How to make a good looking female character in Unreal Engine 4?

Hey guys. A friend of mine and I are working on a little game in Unreal Engine 4. Since we both aren’t character artists we bought a high poly head for ZBrush, textured the first subdiv (lowpoly) and put it into UE4 with a baked normal map. The result does not look as good as the actual face does in ZBrush. Can you tell me what I’ve did wrong? I know the hair in UE4 is a mess, but even without hair it still looks odd. Also the FOV in UE4 is a very different one then in ZBrush, but I doubt that this is a big problem. Maybe the texture is to realistic? Should it be more stylized? I also just noticed that the eyelashes didn’t really stand out in UE4. Could that be it? What do I have to do to maintain the nice look the head has in ZBrush?
I have little experience in stylized character texturing, so any advice could be useful for me.

Head in ZBrush (Looks young and sexy as is)

Head in Substance Painter

Head in Unreal Engine 4 (Doesn’t look very lovely)

My limited experience with Substance Painter has shown that if you just use the exported textures out of the box, they have a washed out look in UE4, especially on landscape, which seems to me to be the case here. I have seen posts on AnswerHub about correcting this, but don’t remember the details (On my ToDo list.)

UE4 materials seem to require quite a bit of work to achieve photo-realistic effects.

Try using it will make the skin look amazing