How to make a game "look better"

Hello! I’m relatively new to Unreal Engine, and I’ve previously really only worked in Game Make Studio and some of Unity 3D. However, I am in love with Unreal this far - everything feels so smooth and well thought out! Of course the graphics turns out great no matter what I do when working in UE4, but I wonder if there are some kind of “easy ways to make things looks good”, or at least better than the default look?

I’ve made a pretty good looking landscape, and I am currently working with realistic looking textures in high resolution. I added some Gaussian blur in the distance, as well as some atmospheric fog which looks nice, but that’s pretty much it. I don’t really mind that much about performance at this time, as I mostly want to know what you can achieve with Unreal Engine (and to take some good looking screenshots of my game), but I would preferably not have the FPS go way too low.

Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Henriko

Have a gander through the ArchVissection, particularly this post about lightmass. Should jump-start you!

Thank you!