How to make a game look better (detail)

So im creating a level in unreal 4.11 and I’ve added some pretty high quality textures, materials and so fourth. I know there are settings for higher rendering graphics in viewport window like low, medium, high and epic, but even on epic and walking through the map I notice it’s just not as HD or quality as I want it to be. So my question to everybody is: Are there any tips or tricks to help give my level whether it be landscape, textures, meshes, materials a more quality resolution look or maybe something I haven’t tried yet? It’s not a computer capability issue either. For perspective, im at halo 3 graphics, and would like to be around final fantasy XV or KH3 (I know it’s an ambitious goal but it’s a small map and id like my environment to look unreal :slight_smile:

have you changed the resolution to a higher one? Also have you turned on anti aliasing? Switching on temporal AA in the settings (can’t remember if it’s in editor or project settings) makes a hell of a difference.

If you run your game and bring up the command console, you can set the resolution with this command, this will set it to 1920x1200, just change the numbers to what you want:

r.setres 1920x1200

That is about as basic as you can get though, obviously things like lighting and material setups are where you can really get it looking good.

You can get good looking graphics even on an old engine if you have good assets in the first place, it’s not just a matter of high resolution textures, you need to have attention to detail in the model and the texture map

Without seeing the scene I can only guess, but what’s going to set the look apart will likely be art direction, not graphical settings - colours, lighting, shading, style, camera angles, fog, etc…

Anyway, you can also play with resolution scale, tweaking GI or lightmass settings, and try turning temporal AA off/on to see what works best for your look. Personally, I’ve found it to be far too blurry for my goals.

Generally speaking, UE has state of the art rendering capabilities. If you want to have better looking assets, you should improve in the following fields:
Modeling and sculpting, to get the geometry and fine detail you want
UVing, nice, undistorted UVs help a lot
Texturing: you need an albedo, normal or displacement, roughness and maybe a specular map (non all-inclusive) and you need to make them fine. They are the inputs to your material.
Material creating workflow
Lighting, post processing effects and so on.