How to make a game like doodle jump

Hello and thank you in advance to the people who hopefully help me with this problem i am having.

I am trying to make a game like doodle jump which the character is constantly jumping and you have to move right and left by tilting your phone side to side.
The character moves in an upward direction and the higher you get the more points you earn.
I want the same boundaries on the side of the screen as well so when you go to the side of the screen you will pop up at the other side.7d82a371b0d13305195a12a7378a4f5769808d78.png

Also I want to be able to make the platforms work as you can go through them but also land on top of them so you can jump to the higher platform. thank you for whoever helps me

I don’t have any experience in this, but I imagine this would require procedural tile generation that could be done programmatically, maybe it is even possible with Blueprints. Teleporting character from one side to another when he exceeds limits should be fairly easy.

You may want to look at Paper2d