How to make a finish in a paper2d game

Hello fellow game designers,
I’m making a 2D jumper game after the tutorial made by unreal. I did everything they said and added some of my own features but I’m stuck on making a finish point for my game. I want to make a classic game, where you have to reach a certain “end point” to finish a level and move on to the next. I’m having problems with making a blueprint/code for that point… Please help.

I don’t remember that tutorial, but if I wanted a way to check if I reached a certain point, I would use a box volume. Just create an actor, add a box collision volume.

On overlap with player, do something.

To check and make sure the overlap is the player, drag a “cast to player” from the overlap, and make sure to hook up “other actor” from the overlap event.

Here are the steps:

  1. add a trigger into your level at the point where the end should be
  2. open the level bp and add a reference to your trigger (on overlap begin)
  3. add a “open level” node - add the name of your new map - connect the node with the overlap begin
  4. Now when you reach the end it will load the new level :slight_smile:

also consider using teleport if you just want to advance to a different part of your level