how to make a door open using a static mesh as a key?

Hello~ I’m working on something for school something of a puzzler mini game where you must locate keys to get to the next puzzle. platforming, avoiding turrets, etc.
Almost like portal but with out the portals and much simpler and it’s just a small class project.
But i’ve hit a snag at the most basic level of my projects design. One of the key components that being Upon placing the “key” that being the static mesh onto the button, in the hole, etc the trigger box around that key hole triggers the door to open.

How can i do this? I’ve come across tutorials in regard to player collision, and it was easy to figure out key input (pressing a button) to trigger the door to open via Matinee. But I can’t for the life of me find a single tutorial on how to set up an overlapping component blueprint for this.

At first i thought i’d place the 4 main components together in a single blue print then tweak it for each individual door. But no matter what i did i couldn’t make it so that the key overlapping the button = trigger open the door. It’s extremely frustrating.

Can anyone here help me with this by chance?

You need to check the Simulation Generate Overlapping events checkbox of your box trigger Inside your blueprint, use on Overlap begin event and check if the actor overlaping your box trigger is what you want.

would i need an array for that or a bool?