How to make a door open after an specific event

like in games like gears of war, halo,etc. How to set a door to not being able to open until lets say you kill all the enemies. Is a blueprint or coding?

You can do it in your blueprints -> just use a branch node and a bool variable :slight_smile:

Hey fighter do you have any tutorial? So i can check it?

This tutorial should help you :slight_smile:

Or here is a simple example :slight_smile:

When the player touches the trigger from the door it checks if the integer (amount of keys) is 2 -> when the player has all keys (2) it will open the door. In your key bp you just have to add a capsule + a overlap event which will set the int to a higher value (int var + 1 = new int)


In the fighter5347 example you could use a timeline to open the door (recomended), but you can use other ways like “set actor rotation” over tick

Use a Boolean variable, just have a branch that checks it’s value before the door opens.