How to make a different levels within same project?

Hope this is the right forum.

I’m currently on a project for Uni that I want to make 3 small levels for, the player will move through level 1, reach a checkpoint, and I want them to be ‘warped’ to level 2, different assets/ lighting and stuff. I’ve currently got level 1, how do I go about setting up a second level within the project and allowing the player access through collision with a certain object?

Sorry, i’m new to UE4, so laymans terms would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


PS: Free UE4, how cool is that?!

Hey Ryan!
You can create new levels in Content Browser via green button “New” or Right mouse click and then choosing “Level”.
After these actions new level will pop up in your Content browser and you can freely load them into editor.
You can use Blueprint node “Open level” to warp from one level to another

3 sentences, short and sweet. Thank you very much! It’s so simple but everyone’s gotta start somewhere eh! Appreciate it.